Friday, November 23, 2007

And just for good measure

How about a few sketches. I do hope this help you manage to get your holiday layouts scrapped in good order!

Don't forget, I'd love to see your layouts, cards or projects made from any of my sketches. Just link me in the comments!

How about a few cards?

In honor of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, how about a few card sketches.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ad inspired...

As I mentioned yesterday (I think it was yesterday) at my doctor's visit I had a chance to peruse several magazines and MAN did I get a great eye full! Some great sketches were ad inspired. The one earlier today was (well, sort of) and here's another.

November is here!

I love November. I'm not sure why, and it's surely not my favorite month or season, but November makes me happy. I suppose it's because my mom's birthday was in November and Daddy always made a big deal out of celebrating her day. My best friend's birthday is in November and one of my other's (yes I have three best friends) mom had a birthday in November. Crazy, right!

So, in honor of birthdays, when tons of pictures are taken, and you know how hard it is to choose just one, I bring you this multi-photo two page layout.

The left side and part of the right calls for a single photo printed on vellum for a dreamy effect. Another way to do that might be to print the photo on regular photo paper, but cover parts of it in vellum to call attention to just part of the photo. Then again, just print the photo on photo paper and enjoy how ever you choose! To do this, you'd most certainly have to have a 12 x 12 printer. If you're like me, with only an 8.5 x 11 edge to edge, you can get REALLY creative with it and print in pieces.

The right side calls for a number of smaller photos and would be equally as fun with some photos and some accents. Again, your choice. I'd LOVE to see you examples! Leave me some blog love and link me to your layouts won't you?