Friday, January 25, 2008


I tell you... I know I'm a bad sketch momma... I've been so under the weather and I'm looking forward to some sunshine if you know what I mean. Nothing but grey skies in this old body of mine but I'm looking forward to getting up off my couch (aka bed) for more than a few hours a day. It's getting there. New meds and a couple good friends and I'm beginning to feel like my old self again. Bear with me while I rejoin the land of the living slowly.

Something about a turtle, a rabbit and slow and steady winning the race... Good thing I resemble that turtle!

Seriously now, I have actually sketched a few, AND managed to get them into PSE. At the request of my good friends at Divaliscious, I present you with two new sketches.

Now that you have them, show me some love! Use them, post them, leave me links. I'm needing some inspiration to figure out where my mojo went, so I need you to share your stuff people!

Hope they're fun!