Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Father’s Day!

Posted in Sketch It's by Lissa on the June 17th, 2007

To Honor Father’s Day I bring you four CARD sketches! These are all “photo cards” in that each one features a photograph. For Father’s Day you might want to use a photo of you and Dad, your kids wishing Granddad a Happy Grandfather’s Day etc. Try using your favorite picture of you or a fav of your dad. For a nostalgic feel, what about a photo of Dad holding you as a baby and see what emotions that one brings.

Inside each card, write your own sentiment or just a letter to your dad letting him know what he means to you.

I REALLY want to see your examples of these! See what you can come up with! Not just for Father’s Day - how about anniversary, birthday, birth announcements, just because, or anything else. And picture this using a photo of a place, an object, a sunset, just about anything. Let your imagination be your guide!

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