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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!
Posted in Sketch It's by Lissa on the May 20th, 2007

If you’ve been around The Untamed Scrapper long, you know that one of our monthly features in our magazine “The View from Untamed” is a sketch. I love sketches; adore them actually. I sketch everything from billboards, to newspaper ads, to children’s book pages. I used to carry a beautiful daytimer that I filled with inspirations, color combinations and magazine ads found everywhere. To my horror, my daytimer was stolen from my car in a shopping parking lot three Christmases ago.

Today, I keep little bits and pieces of paper handy. Small little books I can tear out pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into my wallet. This way, I can come home, sketch them on my computer and keep them there. The only downside to that is when you lose your harddrive, you lose your sketches too. Fortunately for me, I’ll have this little piece of sketch paradise to keep them all handy now!

So let’s get down to brass tacks here. Why another sketch blog? Why not?! But why mine? Again, why not?

Here’s what I intend to offer you. I’ll upload sketches as often as I can create them (that’s a fairly ominous rate ya’ll) and if I have a layout to accompany a sketch I’ll upload it. If I don’t, I’m gonna depend on ya’ll to fill that space for me!

All you have to do is, if you use my sketch, link me to your layout on the net. I’ll be selecting a maximum of 4 to highlight each sketch. I’d like to be able to select four that represent different interpretations to the sketches.

My thought behind that is this. A sketch is a “jumping off place”. I see sketches as a place to start, to find your muse, feel the inspiration. If things change up a bit during the process so be it. You FOUND your starting place! That’s the purpose and WOW! That’s what I’m after here - to show people how possible it is to take a sketch and find yourself in it.

I’ll be sending out updates to the blog, including this in each monthly edition of The View. How’d you like to be featured in our magazine? We’d love to feature you!

So let’s get moving! I’m sketchin’ it - ya’ll scrap it!

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